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Raising Wages

Making the Minimum Wage a Living Wage — The fight for $15 in Syracuse

Unprecedented productivity went into profits for owners and stagnant wages for workers. Our panel will discuss the effects on workers and those entering the workforce, the living wage, and organizing for change.

Sandy Arias is an activist with “$15 NOW!” and will discuss the organizing efforts in NYC and the success of Kshama Sawant and others in raising the minimum wage in Seattle.

Rebecca Fuentes is an immigrant rights activist and Coordinator of the Workers’ Center of CNY. Rebecca works with farmworkers throughout New York state.

Jesse Harasta is a teacher and researcher at Cazenovia College. He is working on the Syracuse Living Wage Study.

Howie Hawkins is active in the Green & Socialist parties. His 2014 Green campaign for governor advocated a $15 minimum wage. Howie is a truck unloader at UPS and a Teamster.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

3:30 to 5:30 pm

ArtRage Gallery

Free and open to the public. Civic discourse without boundaries.

ArtRage Gallery is located at 505 Hawley Avenue, Syracuse — Accessible to All — For information or assistance (315)478-0793 or  smashstate@earthlink.net



Socialist Party of New York State in Syracuse

Socialists from across New York State gathered in Syracuse on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 401 South Ave. in the Southwest Community Center.  We shared information about local activities, made plans to build our movement for democratic Socialism from below, and heard a keynote address by our Comrade, Howie Hawkins. SP members made decisions about electoral campaigns and elect At-Large delegates to the Socialist Party’s national convention. 

Socialist Picnic

Picnic celebrates 40 years since the reconstitution of the Socialist Party, USA

On Thursday, May 23rd,  CNY Reds gathered for a celebratory picnic at Thornden Park. We enjoyed a cooperative picnic and barbeque, sang radical songs, and discussed our next steps to educate, agitate, and organize for democratic revolution from below. A good time was had by all. Someone left a soft-sided cooler bag — contact Ron to retrieve it.

Socialist Forum

On Friday, April 5, 2013, CNY Reds and the Campus Greens held a panel discussion at the Noble Room at Hendricks Chapel on the topic:

Socialism: An Alternative to Austerity & Unemployment

Unprecedented productivity gains in the economy have been translated into profits for owners and declining income for workers. More austerity is being proposed as a solution to a weak economy. Our panel will discuss the effects of austerity on workers and those entering the workforce and look at alternatives from the left. The panelists:

Ursula Rozum is an eco-socialist and an activist with the Syracuse Peace Council. Ursula ran a strong campaign for Congress as the Green Party candidate in 2012, and serves as the Young Greens US co-chair. (Moderator)

David Van Arsdale teaches sociology at Onondaga Community College. An advocate for community-owned enterprises, David studies contemporary labor. His latest book is “Waiting for Work: Temporary Labor & the Production of Poverty”.

Howie Hawkins is active in the Green & Socialist parties. He is a Teamster and a long time activist advocating eco-socialism. Howie’s most recent campaign for Common Council won 48% of the vote on the Green Party line.

Rebecca Fuentes, an immigrant rights activist, was a panelist, but was unable to participate because of a family emergency.

The Socialist Forum. Free and open to the public. Civic discourse without boundaries since 1978.
For information or assistance (315)478-0793 or smashstate@earthlink.net

Teaching Socialism

CNY Reds are creating a new school for socialism. Those interested in working on this project please contact us.

We are developing a “Socialism 101″ set of interactive classes that will focus on the ABCs of socialist thinking. Our approach is informative,  straight- forward, participatory and understandable. It will not be complicated or academic.

If you have ideas, a sample curriculum, suggestions for articles, readings and other media (video, music, song, existing YouTube, websites, and so on) please send them to smashstate(at)earthlink.net. Sign up for our contact list and we will send you more details about this and future meetings.

Organize for Socialism Now!

Across the world people are challenging global, corporate capitalism. Millions more are questioning a system that has destroyed jobs and economic security, while producing inequality and massive profits for the 1%. Now is the time to organize  a democratic Socialist movement here in Central New York.

We are taking steps to build Socialist activity in the Central New York area. Following up on ideas presented at our Reigniting Socialism meeting, we will create a Socialism School, Socialist Speakers Bureau, re-start our Socialist Forum program,  and explore starting a film series,  a working group to address health-care issues, and campus and labor organizing.

Young People Favor Socialism

Huffington Post: Young people — the collegiate and post-college crowd, who have served as the most visible face of the Occupy Wall Street movement — might be getting more comfortable with socialism. That’s the surprising result from a Pew Research Center poll that aims to measure American sentiments toward different political labels.

The poll, published Wednesday, found that while Americans overall tend to oppose socialism by a strong margin — 60 percent say they have a negative view of it, versus just 31 percent who say they have a positive view — socialism has more fans than opponents among the 18-29 crowd. Forty-nine percent of people in that age bracket say they have a positive view of socialism; only 43 percent say they have a negative view.

And while those numbers aren’t very far apart, it’s noteworthy that they were reversed just 20 months ago, when Pew conducted a similar poll. In that survey, published May 2010, 43 percent of people age 18-29 said they had a positive view of socialism, and 49 percent said their opinion was negative.

It’s not clear why young people have evidently begun to change their thinking on socialism. In the past several years, the poor economy has had any number of effects on young adults — keeping them at home with their parents, making it difficult for them to get jobs, and likely depressing their earning potential for years to come — that might have dampened enthusiasm for the free market among this crowd.

Indeed, the Pew poll also found that just 46 percent of people age 18-29 have positive views of capitalism, and 47 percent have negative views — making this the only age group where support for socialism outweighs support for capitalism.

Young people have also been among the most involved in the nationwide Occupy movement, whose members have leveled pointed criticism at the capitalist ethos and often called for a more equal distribution of American wealth.

In general, income inequality — which a Congressional Budget Office report recently pointed out is at historic levels — has received more and more attention in politics and the media since the Occupy movement launched in mid-September. Usage of the term rose dramatically in news coverage following the start of the protests, and politicians from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to President Barack Obama have used the movement’s language to describe divisions in the American public.

Still, the nationwide Occupy demonstrations notwithstanding, socialism doesn’t score very well in other age groups in the Pew poll, or across other demographic categories.

Pew broke down its results by age, race, income and political affiliation, as well as support for the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements. There were only two other groups among whom socialism’s positives outweighed its negatives — blacks, who say they favor socialism 55 to 36 percent, and liberal Democrats, who say they favor socialism 59 to 39 percent. These were also the only two groups to show net favor for socialism in the 2010 poll.


Think Capitalism is working? Think again.

The current “financial crisis” is not just a temporary setback or because of the lack of regulation in the financial sector. The collapse of the financial sector is indicative of the total failure of the capitalist economy. In recent years, the leading recipients of this proposed bailout have attempted to justify their “Washington consensus” of decimating social safety nets, massive cuts to wages and benefits, and privatization of public services, in the name of mercilessly strict adherence to the “tough love” and “sacrifice” of the “free market.” This deregulation and dismantling of any social protections was a logical step for the capitalists represented by the Republican and Democratic Parties. For more on the financial crisis go to our No To the Bailout page.

Welcome to CNY Reds

Welcome to CNY Reds, the website of the Socialists of Central New York! As socialists, we work to build a new society based on peace, cooperation, equality, decentralized social ownership and radical democracy. Browse through our site to get an idea of who we are and where we stand. Contact us with any questions. If you want to change the world then join the revolution!

Socialism and democracy are one and indivisible!

The earth is for all the people. That is the demand.
The machinery of production and distribution for all the people. That is the demand.
The collective ownership and control of industry and its democratic management in the interest of all the people. That is the demand.
The elimination of rent, interest, profit and the production of wealth to satisfy the wants of all the people. That is the demand.
Cooperative industry in which all shall work together in harmony as the basis of a new social order, a higher civilization, a real republic. That is the demand.
The end of class struggles and class rule, of master and slave, or ignorance and vice, of poverty and shame, of cruelty and crime — the birth of freedom, the dawn of Brotherhood, the beginning of MAN. That is the demand.

Eugene V.  Debs

Socialism or your money back!