Who are the CNY Reds?

We are a local organization of socialists who get together to educate, agitate and organize to build a socialist movement. We share core values and goals, but we come from many political backgrounds including radical labor, the greens, radical feminism, the civil rights movement, anarchism, religious socialism, sewer socialism, pacifism, and revolution for the hell of it.

We are affiliated with the Socialist Party, USA – the old SP whose members have included Eugene V. Debs, Mother Jones, Upton Sinclair, Margaret Sanger, W.E.B. DuBois, Helen Keller, A. Philip Randolph, Norman Thomas, Frank Zeidler, and Allen Ginsberg. The SP is a “multi-tendency” party committed to core values of socialism, equality, and democracy, and united by shared principles.


Since 1979, we have held Socialist Forums to discuss and debate important topics and to include radical perspective. To suggest a topic go to “Contact” and email your ideas. For upcoming forums, see “Activities”. We provide speakers to local organizations and schools. We have also conducted occasional study groups on topics relevant for the socialist movement.  We are now working on a Socialism 101 course to start in the fall of 2012. Contact us if you are interested.

Agitate and Organize

We agitate against social injustice, and for radical alternatives.  We help to organize and participate in demonstrations. As individuals, we bring our socialist perspective into our unions, schools, workplaces, community organizations, and all aspects of our lives. We have published pamplets and broadsides, produced a video on democratic socialism, organized a film series, published a newsletter for socialists in New York state, spoken out in classrooms, appeared on local television and radio, and have run candidates for public office. What will we do next? Let us know what your interests are.


Basic economic decisions, as well as political decisions, must reflect the common good. The entire economy should operate for the good of the entire society, with no one left behind.

No private concentrations of capital or other wealth, and no other types of private concentrations of power.

The end of money’s domination over society. The end of the priority of property and private greed.

Socialism will complete what democracy began– the transfer of sovereignty in all spheres from elites to the people.

Bertrand Russell in Roads to Freedom

Socialism and democracy are one and indivisible!