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Speakers Bureau

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Pamphlets, Essays and Other Literature


For a discussion of the problems of the two party system (aka duopoly) see the article written by comrades Howie Hawkins and Ron Ehrenreich “The Regime We Must Change is Bi-Partisan” (Peace Newsletter 2004).

For a thoughtful critique of Leninism in power from a socialist perspective, see the article by Dave Edelstein on “Leninism in Power”.

Dave Edelstein also provides a critical discussion of  Politics Under Socialism.

Also see “Social Democracy versus Revolutionary Democratic Socialism” by Dave Edelstein (1990).


In 1910, the Debs Publishing Company, which was close to the Socialist Party, published an edition of the “Communist Manifesto” featuring American English spelling — for example labor instead of labour.

Marxist Study Group


For the speech that got Gene Debs imprisoned for protesting World War I you can read the moving Canton Speech.


For a personal and polital narrative on her development as a socialist you can read Helen Keller’s How I Became a Socialist, first published in the New York Call in 1912.

“What Revolutionary Socialism Means”, by Carl D. Thompson discusses revolution and revolutionary socialism.

In “Socialism from Below” David McNally discusses how 20th century history took the term socialism from being the banner where millions of working people resisted the horrors of the factory system and demanded a new society of equality, justice, freedom and prosperity to the point where socialism was identified with monstrous, bureaucratic regimes denying basic democratic rights. He ends with a vision, our vision, that calls for democratic revolution from below.


Other Voices

For a discussion of the basics of socialism from a marxist perspective see Leo Huberman’s (1967) “ABC of Socialism”.

Dwight Eisenhower, the Republican President and former WW2 general, in his Farewell Address warns the nation about the emerging Military Industrial Complex, which now dominates the US government and directs its imperialist policies and practices.


The lyrics and a musical rendition of the socialist song of struggle, the Red Flag .

The Internationale is the anthem of the socialist movement.   “Click here to hear an orchestral version of the Internationale”